Gentle spring detox

Gentle Spring Detox

Spring is the perfect time for detoxifying  your body.   There are many simple things you can do to safely reduce the your toxin load.   For more aggressive detox, your can use a herbal or homeopathic products,  fasting can also be very therapeutic.  Consult a health practitioner before trying them.

The following suggestions to detox can be incorporated into your daily life or done it for 2 weeks in the spring.

Food: Eat 10 serving of fresh and various kinds of fruits and vegetable a day,  no possessed food, no sugar and caffeine.   Eat less wheat, more quinoa, yam, rice, chickpeas etc complex carbohydrates.  If eat meat, eggs and dairy, try to eat organic ones.   Eat a hearty breakfast and lunch and a light dinner.   Chew your food well.

Water: Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a pinch of sea salt.  During the day, drink distilled, spring or filtered water, 30ml per kg of your weight.  A 220lb person will need about 3 liters of water a day.

Breath: Take 10 deep belly breathing 3 times a day.   It is best to do it standing outside, or with a window open. Put your hands on your belly to feel the expansion of your belly when you inhale.  Do it as slowly as possible and focus on the motion and the body sensation of your breath.  Be conscious to relax your shoulders and neck while you are doing it.  Breathing is a very effective way to quickly alter your autonomic nerve system. It can switch you from fight and flight state or a relaxed state quickly.

Sleep:  good and adequate amounts of sleep is super important for optimum health, it will reduce stress hormonal production and hence affect your metabolism rate.   According to the Chinese medicine, an hour of sleep before mid night is worth 2 hours of sleep after.

Exercise: a good sweat from exercise will help your body to detox via your skin.  45-90 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week is ideal.

Skin brushing and hydrotherapy:  Before your morning shower, use a natural bristle brush to brush your skin from your hands and feet towards your heart until your skin is rosy and warm.  Then jump into the shower.   End your shower with cold water as cold as you can stand for 1 minute while briskly rubbing your body with your hands or sing or scream.   This is very effective way to detox and boost your immune system.   It will also wake you up better than a double espresso.   Do not recommend this for women during menses or someone who is sick.