Dr. Wei-Wei Han

Dr. Wei-Wei Han

Peterborough, Ontario

Culminating with Graduate work at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Han has practiced since 2002. Read more on our Practitioners page.

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A Massage Therapy Approach to Jaw Pain and Dysfunction


The jaw (or TMJ for Tempromandibular Joint) is frequently unacknowledged as a source of pain in many head, neck, face and vocal conditions.  People who experience headaches, motor vehicle accidents, sports or work site injuries, often have jaw issues that can accumulate to overwhelming levels.  Clenching the teeth is a very common habit during

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Low toxicity living

Low Toxicity Living

We are exposed to chemicals every day; in the air we breathe, the food we eat, products we put on our body, cleaning products, products we use in the garden, from the cars that we drive and other forms of transport. Chemicals are not intrinsically bad for us; in fact our bodies

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Cold and flu prevention

Cold and Flu prevention

Common sense works: wash hands well, get good air ventilation, dress for the weather, strength your resistance by getting adequate rest, maintain a healthy diet, moderate exercise and minimize stress levels.

Vitamin D3 or Sunshine. Who should take it and how much should one take it? The answers will be loud

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Gentle spring detox

Gentle Spring Detox

Spring is the perfect time for detoxifying  your body.   There are many simple things you can do to safely reduce the your toxin load.   For more aggressive detox, your can use a herbal or homeopathic products,  fasting can also be very therapeutic.  Consult a health practitioner before trying them.

The following suggestions

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Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

Do you suffer from:

Easy weight gain
Poor memory & concentration, brain fog
Fluid retention
Muscle aches
Hair loss
Cold and or heat intolerance
Anxiety and panic attack
Headaches and migraines
Unhealthy nails
Dry skin and hair
Thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, hyperthryoidism, hypothryroidism, hashmoto’s disease


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